Our client Nestle waters was constantly working on one of the most important pillars of their company: sustainability. One of the many efforts they made was thinking the "single" out of "single-use" plastic bottles; nevertheless, the way they communicated it wasn't relevant and practical to nestle waters audience.


We know for a fact that people love and advocate brands that are responsible for the environment. However, technical facts about process, packaging, and statistics tend to be more complex to understand, and, as a consequence, they push away the excitement and interest of users. On that note, we need to create a proposal that connected to audiences in a fun, honest, and engaging way.


We understood what resonated wi Nestle waters audience and delivered Nestle waters recycled plastic commitments by creating a set of diverse and cute, but endangered animals. The users learned about relevant facts in a simple language while interacting with the animals. As a result, the proposal increased the level of engagement and leveraged the reputation of our partner.